Toverland: Fēnix Review & POV

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We recently visited Toverland in The Netherlands to check out their new and very highly anticipated roller coaster Fēnix. It was my second time visiting Toverland, a park that is not quite known among the general public in Belgium. I do however have a very strong feeling that this might change during the upcoming years…

Toverland (free translation “Wizardry Land”) is a theme park located in Sevenum, The Netherlands and therefore only a 2-hour drive away from our hometown Bruges in Belgium. The park opened in 2001 as an indoor playground and expanded over the course of the years through the gradual introduction of rides located outside the initial indoor area. One of these rides is Troy, a wooden roller coaster constructed by Great Coasters International (GCI) and for me personally the best woodie you will find in the Benelux area.

Toverland Fēnix Review

Toverland Fēnix Review

On July 7th, 2018, Toverland opened two brand-new gorgeously themed areas. On the one hand there’s the entrance area Port Laguna. On the other hand there’s an area called Avalon. The absolute highlight of this major expansion, which nearly doubled the theme park’s total surface, is Fēnix. This Wing Coaster, built by no one less than the mighty Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M), is the absolute eyecatcher in Toverland right now. It towers 40 meters high and its blue and brown color scheme looks absolutely wonderful.

After we reach the top of the lift hill, Fēnix makes a right hand turn before throwing us into the first drop. What follows is a camelback hill that generates a great amount of floater airtime. Next thing you know, we’re upside down in an Immelmann loop and the helix that immediately follows generates tons of positive G’s, especially on the right hand side of the train. The ride finishes off with a Zero G-roll and some more twists and turns, after which we enter the final brake run. What a ride! Fly with us in this POV video:

Something worth mentioning is that the Toverland crew is still working on the dark room which you enter right before you start ascending the lift hill. It is therefore very probable that theming elements will be added here in the near future.

I have to admit that my expectations for riding Fēnix were not incredibly high. Last summer I had the opportunity to ride Gatekeeper at Cedar Point, a Wing Coaster that absolutely crushes Fēnix when it comes to height, speed and the amount of inversions it has. However, I was kind of disappointed after riding Gatekeeper. I feel like Fēnix generates way more forces than Gatekeeper. This actually makes a lot of sense, since Fēnix and its inversions are all very compact and close to each other. Gatekeeper remains an amazing roller coaster ofcourse. Nothing but love for you, Cedar Point! But it’s great to see that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in the world of roller coasters.

Toverland Fēnix Review

Toverland Fēnix Review

Toverland Fēnix Review

So kudos to Toverland for realizing such a great expansion with this amazing roller coaster as its highlight. This is definitely a park that we will keep an eye on in the future, because we have a feeling that they’re only just getting started. I can only recommend you go check out the park yourself!

I’m a 27-year-old living in Bruges. I work as a tax consultant and I’m fascinated by roller coasters, aviation and sports. Favourite roller coaster? Tough choice. I’m a sucker for B&M Hypers and Inverteds. I’ll go with Mako!

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