Not Unlike Taron, Our Blog Heartline Has Launched!

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Hooray! As of today, September 24, 2017, our brand new blog Heartline is finally online. After spending a little time on writing initial content and a lot of time on building this website ourselves, we’d be happy if you spend a few minutes here to look around. You’ll find our stories here, some news we want to write about here, some cool knowledge here and other stuff here. If you’ve read enough about roller coasters and want to know who’s running this, you can visit this page. Last but not least, you can reach out to us (for whatever reason) here. Happy reading!

P.S.: launching a brand new blog like Heartline is harder than you might imagine. Therefore, if you like the content or if you know someone who might enjoy reading all this, please share!

I'm a twenty-something living in Bruges, Belgium. I have an obsession for football, working and roller coasters. My fav? Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Great Adventure, California)!

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