Be in the Front Seat During Construction of the Toverland Wing Coaster

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During a press conference on september 26, 2017, Dutch theme park Toverland revealed their plans for their new B&M wing coaster. The coaster is called Feniks and will be located in a new themed area called Avalon. Did you know that you can even be in the front seat during the further development and construction of this entire project?

A wing coaster within driving distance. Now that’s awesome. As child a I remember wondering if I would ever be lucky enough to ride a creation from the Swiss company we all consider being the ‘Mercedes Benz of roller coasters’. Then projects like Black Mamba, OzIris and Baron 1898 happened and coaster fans in Western Europe were finally getting spoiled. US roller coaster fans started watching POV’s of European coasters for a change. However, a wing coaster in Belgium or The Netherlands remained somewhat of a distant dream. Until now!

You can’t ignore the stats: with its 40m height, 813m length, 95km/h maximum speed and 3 inversions (dive drop, Immelmann and zero G-roll), Feniks is looking mighty fine on paper. It isn’t the highest, fastest or longest wing coaster, but that shouldn’t limit people’s expectations for this ride. For example, I myself prefer Flug der Dämonen (Heide-Park, Germany) over Gatekeeper (Cedar Point, USA). Feniks will be the main attraction of a brand new themed area in Toverland: Avalon. Next to this fine piece of steel, Avalon will house a new dark ride called Merlin’s Quest and a restaurant.

The colors and design might make you think of Gatekeeper. (Image by Toverland.)

It surprized me that I saw no coverage whatsoever by Belgian news outlets about this major expansion. (Don’t worry Toverland, we’ve got your back here!) The truth is that most Belgians have never heard of Toverland, even if it’s only a two hour drive away. Well, joke’s on them. Thibault and I were so positively surprized when we first visited the park a while ago. We had no expectations but were truly amazed by the park’s operations, cleanliness, atmosphere and friendly staff. You could just feel that this is a park with ambitions and clear plans for the future. 

Therefore, we recommend you sign up here to follow the development of Avalon and the construction Feniks. Follow them on their social channels as well, as we have a strong feeling that we’ll be frequently hearing about Toverland in the future.

Images by Toverland.

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