August 2018 Coaster Recap: Our Takeaways

There’s a lot of things happening in the theme park and roller coaster industry each month. We honestly don’t have the time or desire to report on everything that happens but, as an alternative, we decided to start curating some of our monthly takeaways for you.

Here’s our August 2018 Coaster Recap. 

Liseberg opens its B&M Dive Coaster Valkyria

On August 10, Valkyria opened at Liseberg in Götheborg, Sweden. Liseberg’s brand new B&M Dive Coaster is 47 m (154 ft) high and it’s therefore the highest Dive Coaster in Europe. I really find the layout to be very refreshing for a Dive Coaster and the trains seem to go through the course at a very high pace. With Valkyria, Liseberg adds another top coaster to an impressive line-up featuring Helix and Balder.

The European Coaster Club (ECC) gave us the opportunity to attend the opening event but sadly we couldn’t make it work as we only got the details a few days before the opening. Last-minute flights to Sweden are more expensive than you’d think, people. Fun fact though: my godchild was born just days before the opening of Valkyria. Her name is Lise. What a coincidence!

Canada’s Wonderland presents Yukon Striker

Let’s stay on the topic of Dive Coasters for a little bit longer. Canada’s Wonderland announced Yukon Striker, which will be the highest and fastest B&M Dive Coaster after its completion. We’re so excited to see this project develop as we’ve recently traveled to Canada’s Wonderland from Belgium and have been following the rumors and construction updates on Reddit ever since.

A couple of quick notes on Yukon Striker. First, the drop ‘into the lake’ looks amazing. I love the way the drop interlocks with Vortex as well. Second, did you know that Yukon Striker will be the first B&M Dive Coaster featuring a vertical loop? But as impressive as the first part of the layout may be, there’s really nothing to look forward to after the MCBR, which are clearly just there for capacity purposes. Nonetheless the third B&M for the park will be a great one. Time to go back to Canada, eh?

Fatal incident at EnergyLandia in Poland

Earlier this summer, EnergyLandia in Poland opened its highly anticipated Intamin Hyper Coaster Hyperion. Hyperion received tons and tons of media attention during the past few months (and rightfully so). Sadly though, tragedy struck EnergyLandia and its staff as one of the employees died after being hit by one of Hyperion’s trains. Apparently the man went to go get a lost cellphone and was struck by a passing train. He died on the spot. We were sad to learn this horrible news and wish lots of strength for friends, family and colleagues of the victim. Also: don’t take loose articles on roller coasters, people.

Brand new coaster announced for Kings Island! (Wait, no!)

This might already be the weirdest and funniest announcements of the year! Kings Island recently took to social media to announce a special project. Something ‘was coming back’ to Kings Island and they built up anticipation on social media before streaming the big announcement live. Coaster enthusiasts started to go CRAZY thinking about the possibilities (we can’t help ourselves) only to be blindsided by Kings island as they announced… the return of Antique Cars. Kudos to your social media and marketing teams, Kings Island! You made me chuckle and you certainly got lots of attention for this announcement.

RMC is coming to The Netherlands, time to say farewell to Robin Hood!

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, you might want to head up to Walibi Holland in The Netherlands to ride its woodie Robin Hood for the last time. (But let’s be honest, I recommend you don’t do that unless you like being rattled to the core of your body.) Soon the current version of Robin Hood will be closed for eternity as RMC starts to make waves in Europe. Rocky Mountain Construction will completely redo Robin Hood and we’re so anxious to see what they have in store for us. The project is another milestone for Walibi Holland after the construction of its Mack Big Dipper Lost Gravity just two years ago.

Bobbejaanland reveals the layout for their new Mack Launch Coaster

God, it certainly seems like there’s some kind of roller coaster competition happening in Europe right now. The roller coaster gods recently gave us Red Dragon, Taron, Baron 1889, Fenix, Hyperion, Icon, and there’s so much more steel and wood coming to Europe soon. We love it!

Bobbejaanland, a family theme park in Belgium, recently published pictures of the layout for their new Mack (triple) Launch Coaster. The coaster is set to be built in 2019 and looks like Star Trek: Operation Enterprise in Movie-Park Germany. That ride impressed me so I’m already looking forward to this one.

August 2018 Coaster Recap

That’s it for now. Make sure to check back in next month to see our takeaways from September!