Toverland: Fēnix Review & POV Movie-Park Germany: Star Trek Operation Enterprise Review Roller Coaster Safety Series – Part 1: Block Sections Arriving at Cedar Point for the First Time (Video)

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August 2018 Coaster Recap

August 2018 Coaster Recap: Our Takeaways

There’s a lot of things happening in the theme park and roller coaster industry each month. We honestly don’t have the time or desire to report on everything that happens but, as an alternative, we decided to start curating some of our monthly takeaways for you. Here’s our August 2018…

Block Sections

Roller Coaster Safety Series – Part 1: Block Sections

Roller coasters are a great source of fun. Theme parks and roller coaster manufacturers keep pushing boundaries to offer thrilling and unforgettable ride experiences to their visitors. Sadly, lots of people still cope with fear of roller coasters. They are genuinely afraid of heights and speeds or they just don’t…

loopings circle

Why Loopings Are Not Shaped Like a Perfect Circle

Have you ever noticed that roller coaster loopings are not shaped like a perfect circle but rather like a reverse rain drop? Ofcourse there are perfectly circular loopings (like Typhoon at Bobbejaanland, for example), but they’re a minority. Why exactly is that? Roller coasters are exciting because of the speed,…

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